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The Werbeck Technique: Uncovering the Voice Vocal Method of Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström

This singing method was developed by Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström, renowned Swedish Opera singer, to rehabilitate her own voice. She consulted with Rudolph Steiner, and in 1924 launched the School for Uncovering the Voice in Germany.  Rather than following the singing traditions of her time, she sought to work from a new perspective which allowed for a profound spiritual understanding of the human voice and ascience-based method of singing in alignment with the principles of anthroposophy. We uncover our own true voice, sublimating our sung tones as we meet the “sound stream” of cosmic music. This singing path includes specially designed exercises to bring the tongue, palate and lips and mouth under our complete control. We focus on our breathing only to regulate it to its natural state and then we “forget the breathing.”  Singing becomes effortless and stress free and the singer can sing into her nineties with all ranges clear and undistorted.  

Beginners can “taste” the fine tones as well as seasoned vocalists, and no prior training is actually a benefit in this new approach to singing. Artistic singers expand their range and develop a natural brilliance and ring to the voice that is heard by the soul of the listener. The singer, likewise, is elevated spiritually and physically as the sung tone actually assists with the ensouling of the body through the alchemy of the singing process. 

While the method is inherently therapeutic and balancing to the body and allows one to sing beautifully, there is a further training known as “Therapeutic Singing Training.” Graduate  Practitioners of this additional training work within Anthroposophical clinics and communities to assist individuals with their health and breathing imbalances. This is a course taught by Thomas Adam of Bochum, Germany and the second American training began 2004 in  Santa Rosa, California.  Master teachers of this work who travel to America include:  Christiaan Boele of Finland and Thomas Adam of Germany. (Courtesy of Jan Cercone, Music Practitioner) 

Mrs. Werbeck's book, "Uncovering the Voice: The Cleansing Power of Song," was first published in 1938 in Germany and has since become the gold standard textbook for singers, singing therapists and musicologists throughout the world.

Information about upcoming  trainings and events can be found at In addition to using this method in my private voice lessons, I also offer group Werbeck Technique/Uncovering The Voice workshops (also referred to as "Cosmic Singing" throughout the year. Please call or write for more information.

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