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Lesson Info

My teaching hours during the school year are Monday through Friday from 3:30-6:30 p.m. and mornings and weekends by appointment only. My rates are $60 per hour-long lesson; $45 for 45-minute lessons; $30 for 30-minute lessons, and I teach primarily on a “per semester” basis.  This means that I ask students and families to register, pay for and attend weekly lessons over the 16-to-20 week period that aligns with public and/or private school schedules in the area. Schedule permitting, I am also available for "drop in" and introductory lessons, particularly on Friday afternoons and weekends.

I currently offer lessons in voice, piano and trumpet, as well as basic musicianship (music theory), jazz theory and improvisation, and stage performance.  Although I employ a different approach to each of these instruments and disciplines, my goal for all of my students is that they reach their true potential as a musician and—if desired—a performer, and that, as a result of our work together, they develop a lifelong love of music! My intention, therefore, is to work with students who are enthusiastic, focused, self-motivated and ready to dig in, regardless of their age or experience!

Voice Lessons: I draw heavily from the Werbeck Technique (School For Uncovering The Voice, www.waldorfmusic.org), of which I am a trained vocal method instructor. This deceptively simple method has—quite literally—allowed me to uncover my voice’s true potential and has forever changed my approach to singing! Designed to help students develop lifelong vocal health, longevity, range and freedom, the Werbeck Technique is remarkably effective for every student, regardless of age or experience level. (Please see the flier about our next "Cosmic Singing" Workshop, an opportunity to do a concentrated study of this vocal method.)  I also work with students on building a vocal repertoire that reflects their own interests, be it classical, musical theater, cabaret, jazz, gospel, pop, or even their own original compositions. 

Piano & Trumpet Lessons:I typically use the Alfred, Bastein and Standard Of Excellence methods, to teach the fundamentals of each instrument as well as basic music theory. I find these to be very user-friendly and comprehensive for beginners, and I like that they offer ear training as well as sight-reading exercises and activities.  My goal—particularly where beginners are concerned—is to help students learn to use their eyes, their ears and their minds—in addition to their fingers—so that they become well-rounded and instinctual musicians. As students progress, I assist them in discovering what styles of music they are most interested in playing, augmenting their formal studies with explorations of improvisation, jazz theory, accompanying, and even arranging and composing, should they take an interest.

Additional recommendations and referrals available upon request, as is my teaching/directing resume.  Please call 916.872.4856 or email janis.e.kelly@gmail.com for more information or to schedule your first lesson, or click here.

Werbeck Technique--"Uncovering The Voice"--Workshops!

Uncover your voice with the Werbeck Technique (www.waldorfmusic.org), and then use it to make amazing music in a group setting! This deceptively simple method, which I have been practicing for nearly 15 years, has freed my voice from years of damage and strain and completely changed my approach to singing, teaching and directing! Designed to help students develop lifelong vocal health, longevity, range and freedom, the Werbeck Technique is remarkably effective for every student, regardless of age or experience level! Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/events/590252687693739/.

Janis has excellent teaching skills, writes exquisite harmony for duets, trios, etc. and is an incredible accompanist on the piano. It takes someone with a strong understanding and connection with the singer to do the latter. She also has an uncanny ability to find songs that fit my voice and singing style. You would be hard pressed to find a more accomplished musician.
-William M. McNabb

Janis Kelly is an experienced vocalist, vocal trainer and coach. She'll help make your vocal
dreams come true... I was an alto for years and under Janis' instruction  discovered I'm really a soprano!! I was always the background singer, and now I'm the "soloist!" 

-Theresa McGarry

Janis started providing piano lessons for our daughter, when our daughter could barely reach the keys properly.  Under Janis' tutelage our daughter blossomed, as Janis provided
an environment that was both welcoming and inspiring.  Because of her time with Janis, my daughter will now sit at the piano and play because she truly enjoys it and likes “how the music makes her feel.”

-George Claire

Janis is an exceptional musician and teacher! She knows what her student needs and HOW to teach it!  Her work ethic is admirable, and she has a gift to share with children beyond just the music.  As an educator and a mother, I was delighted with the instruction, care and support Janis provided in every lesson.  My daughter was thrilled to have Janis as a teacher and mentor and friend.  
-Barbara Emmert

Janis is very passionate about music and her enthusiasm is infectious.  She is a patient
and energetic teacher who works well with children and makes learning fun.
-Ranelle Bensch

There are "Ordinary" coaches and then there are "Extraordinary" coaches.  You are extraordinary because you bring out the best in me and in others.  Being a vocal student of yours, learning and practicing the simple vocal techniques you have taught me, has increased my vocal range and my confidence levels tremendously.  Now I am singing like
I have never sung before because of my work with you. Thanks, Coach!

-BÁJAN, professional vocalist

Teaching/Directing Background

My musical background is extensive, having been immersed in it nearly from birth!  As the child of a music teacher, I was fortunate enough to receive private lessons in piano, trumpet and voice from the time I was four years old.  I continued my studies through college, where I trained to be both a teacher and a performer. I majored in music education at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview,TX, and also completed coursework at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN and Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA.  In 2004, I completed a three-year instructor/practitioner training program for the Werbeck Technique, aka School For Uncovering The Voice, and this approach has been the basis for all of my voice lessons and choral directing ever since! (Please see below for "Cosmic Singing" Workshop information.)

I began offering piano lessons while still attending high school, as part of my apprenticeship with my childhood teacher.  Since then, I have taught and coached hundreds of students, beginners to professionals, adding trumpet and voice lessons to my offerings once my training and education were complete.

In addition to my private lessons, I have been teaching and directing choral and instrumental music in private schools for the past 15 years, leading mixed choirs, jazz choirs, a cappella choirs, concert bands, stage bands, pit orchestras and directing high school musicals. I have also served as Music Director, Choir Director, Workshop Presenter and musical consultant for churches and spiritual communities in both California and Colorado since 2005. In 2011, I founded a women’s ensemble, Spirit Voices, which I continue to direct today, composing and arranging repertoire for them and producing several performances each year. 

Private Music Lessons @

Janis Kelly Music Studio!

Passion—for music, for teaching and for learning—is what makes me a great choice as a private instructor for you or your child!  Music is truly my life—whether I am teaching it, directing it, performing it, composing it, practicing it, listening to it or even dancing to it—and I am deeply honored to share my musical gifts with others and help them discover, develop and deepen their own! I take a strong interest in each of my students, personally as well as musically, and this interest is conveyed at each lesson.  It is my objective for my students to feel safe, successful and supported when they are in my presence and I pride myself on helping to build and reinforce confidence, courage and commitment in each of them. Click here to contact me!