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Backyard Concert with Janis Kelly & Friends!

Janis' "Summer of Love" Tribute Show @ Nissi's!

​My name is Janis Kelly and I am on a mission to elevate, educate and activate your body, mind and SOUL!  A life-long musician, performer, educator, director and “musical instigator,” I have spent the past 35 years inviting, inciting and igniting musical passion and potential whenever and wherever I can!  

Honored to have shared the stage and studio with such musical legends as Carole King, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Neville Brothers, Tower Of Power, and Rufus & Chaka Khan, I have seen first-hand the power of music to build bridges of peace, harmony and commUnity, and I am proud to carry on that legacy in my own performances and musical endeavors!

In 2006, after more than two decades as a professional jazz and r&b vocalist, I began composing, recording and performing my own music, which I call “higher vibe soul”: funk, jazz, gospel and Latin rhythms, combined with uplifting, inspirational lyrics--the soundtrack of my life! I just released a brand new album, Say 'YES!' on November 27, 2016. While it's my sixth original recording project, it's my very first fully-produced studio effort, 4+ years in the making!

Produced by Christian Teele, the album features a world-class lineup of musicians, including Ryan Jalbert, Garrett Sayers, Eric Moon, Paul McDaniel, Christian Teele, Eric Schneider and Kurt Moorhead, and is a tour-de-force of songwriting, arranging and performance!
You can find it here and can also listen to samples on my "listen" page!  ​http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janiskelly2

Please enjoy my site and feel free to drop me a line anytime! I look forward to connecting with you soon and remind you that when you say 'YES!' to life, life says 'YES!' to you!

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